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A breath of fresh air

Oventus was a Brisbane-based, medical device company established in 2012 to meet the unmet needs of Obstructive Sleep Apneics, nasal obstructers and non-compliant CPAP users. In 2013, Oventus worked with the CSIRO to develop a new style of custom oral appliance that has the potential to help millions of snorers and people with sleep apnoea sufferers around the world.

The result is the O2VentTM – a non-invasive sleep apnoea treatment option with a range of oral devices incorporating Oventus Airway Technology, a unique separate airway which is built into its patented design.

The O2Vent™’s unique design directs the air flow through to the back of the throat, alleviating multiple sites of obstruction including the nose, soft palate and tongue.

The device incorporates the Oventus Airway Technology, or ‘second nose’ – a unique airway built into its patented design, allowing for breathing through the device to bypass nasal resistance which can contribute to snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA).

Using CAD software to create a 3D drawing of the patient’s mouth and bite, Oventus uses 3D printing technology to manufacture these custom-made medical-grade mouthguards from titanium.

Innovation and product development

The patented airway in the O2VentTM enables exciting opportunities for dentists to offer alternative treatments to their patients. In addition to the custom oral appliance therapy range, Oventus Medical developed a temporary device, incorporating the Oventus Airway Technology, giving dentists and patients the option to deliver immediate therapy to patients prior to progressing to a customised device.

In February 2017 Oventus Medical was announced as the lead participant in a AUD$3 Million Australian Government grant to advance research into the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. Alongside industry and scientific experts in the field, Oventus Medical will work with NeuRA (Neuroscience Research Australia) and the CSIRO (Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organisation) on exciting research exploring the benefit of the Oventus airway design as a treatment approach in progressive OSA treatments such as algorithms for treatment success, in-built compliance and efficacy monitoring and miniaturised CPAP pumps.

Revival of a great technology

COVID-19 pandemic had a devastating effect on many upstart medical technology companies including Oventus Medical. A great medical technology with an extremely bright future nearly succumbed to the calamity brought on by the COVID-19. In February 2023, an international dedicated team of Canadian led Open Airway Dental Solutions Ltd. (OADS) successfully brought the O2Vent technology back from near extinction, to adaptation and integration into clinical practice. OADS clinicians and researchers offer state-of-the-art therapy to sleep apnea sufferers around the world. 

The product development and clinical research resulted in incorporation of ‘ExVent’ – an accessory adaptor to the O2Vent Optima that additionally reduces upper airway collapsibility and obviates the need for uncomfortable masks and head straps.

In addition to the therapeutic advantages, the Oventus Airway Technology has the ability to facilitate diagnosis and monitoring. Currently in testing is an inbuilt form of compliance monitoring and an attachment that allows a ‘Level III’ home sleep test to be completed any time, anywhere, without wires hanging off the patient and feeding data directly to an Oventus App and online treatment monitoring portal.

Our mission

OADS aims to become a world leader in sleep disorder treatment by commercializing our suite of revolutionary oral devices and inspiring a new paradigm of care — taking the treatment of OSA to the next level by providing a real alternative for the broader population within a unique treatment platform.

A history of O2Vent technology development and clinical adaptation 

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3D printed first to treat sleep apnoea. A new 3D printed device is set to end the suffering for thousands of sleep apnoea patients.    May 7, 2014

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