O2Vent Optima

The O2Vent Optima products are our latest offering in the O2Vent oral appliance range. O2Vent Optima is 3D printed with durable nylon. The lower jaw can be moved forward to a comfortable range while also allowing the integrated airway channel to bypass nasal congestion and other areas of airway collapse, such as from the tongue, soft palate and lateral walls.

 O2Vent Optima Mini

The O2Vent Optima Mini is a discreet and low-profile oral device that manages the upper airway for the treatment of mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and snoring by incorporating the proprietary Oventus Airway Technology. The O2Vent Optima Mini’s design (without the airway extension) may benefit patients requiring enhanced lip-seal, to avoid excess saliva build-up and/or dry lips.

Oventus ExVent® (ExVent)

ExVent is an optional valve accessory which is inserted into the front oral airway of the O2Vent Optima. It creates resistance in the upper airway, providing additional airway support whilst prolonging exhalation. The ExVent valve opens fully on inhalation but closes on exhalation, pushing air through the valve’s air vents. This creates the resistance, also known as PEEP, positive end expiratory pressure.

ExVent can benefit any patient who:

--Struggles with or has failed traditional treatment therapy
--Continues to snore using oral device advancement alone
--Needs more airway support

ExVent is available in three levels of airway support – Low, Medium and High, to accommodate a range of patient clinical requirements.

ExVent can be trialled in a Multipack (one of each strength) allowing the strength of the valve to be identified for the patient. Once the optimal strength of the valve is determined, the recommended strength can be reordered in Annual Resupply packs (4 per pack).~ Recommended use is to replace every 3 months.

Instructions on how to use O2vent optima and Mini 

Download Manual